Thrive Business Academy For Coaches - A Quick Start Kit For Business Coaching 





  • 1 Month of Thrive ($19.97 Recurring Monthly)
  • 2 Live Coaching Sessions Per Month
  • The Profit Coach System
  • 100+ Hours of Thrive Sessions
  • Free Coaching Templates and Resourses
  • Membership to Exclusive Facebook Group

The Thrive Business Academy for Coaches is a must have for all new Business Coaches!

The Profit Coach System 

The Profit Coach System is a 3-part entry level course for business coaching. Wether you are new to coaching or new to business coaching this is a great tool for you to understand what makes industry leader's methodology stand out from the rest of the pack. This course comes with guides like, "Your First Six Months With A Client", and your "Marketing Action Plan" to put you on the right track to starting a profitable business coaching business.

The Thrive Business Academy For Coaches

The Thrive Business Academy for Coaches is the group coaching community President and Founder of Gary Henson founded in 2015. Members are invited twice a month to listen and participate in group coaching sessions with Coach Gary where he teaches on new topics in the Business Coaching industry. Members get access to ton of free coaching templates and the backlog of each Thrive Academy coaching sessions from the previous years.